Legends from Darkwood Legends From Darkwood
Deep in the forest, under the lush green canopy and gentle sunlight, a scene of pure beauty and magic takes place before our very eyes. The most revered creature in Mother Nature’s menagerie, the Unicorn, presents itself to a worthy human maiden. With the style and grace that only a beautiful maiden can manage, she draws the knife from the folds of her dress. A quick slice, the hearty thump of a Unicorn collapsing into the grass….Welcome to Darkwood.
Monkeybug Madness
The monkeybugs’ original print debut, featuring many of the early comics seen here on, as well as some never-again-seen offenses to common decency.  Inkmo, Jackmo and Meeko wreak good-natured chaos, death, mutilation and cannibalism wherever they go. Fun for the whole family! Well, if you’re a particularly dysfunctional family.
How NOT To Draw Manga


Inkmo, Meeko, and Jackmo star in the only tongue-in-cheek instructional guide you will ever need to Anime Bimbos, Loners with Huge Swords and Big, Gad-dumb Robots.