Fan Art

Yes, people make Search For New Lifeforms Fan Art.  And real people - not like, walruses or anything!

shortfury captures a moment of bliss before a Jackmo attack.

Rem-Dog can’t seem to get his Star Wars canon straight.

icekatze proposes an interesting presidential ticket for 2012.

Technically, this isn’t Search For New Lifeforms fan art because it existed before the site did, but lonebot and MCGriffin joined forces to create a for reals music video tribute to our very own Kantz.  View it in all its gory…er…glory.

Also, our webmistress Haley has made some pretty cool Inkmo, Meeko, and Jackmo sculptures.

Do you have fan art?
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If it rocks (or sucks in an awesome way) it might even end up here.